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The Divine Inspiration: Rashtra Saint Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar ji Maharaj

Kaamyaab has been blessed by the famous Rashtra Saint, Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar ji Maharaj, who is apart from being an ascetic is a visionary and man of letters, who has authored more than one hundred books and has been awarded the academic Degree of the Doctor of Literature by the Garhwal University in recognition of his intellectual leadership. Rev. Upadhyaya Shree is a rare blend of tradition and modernity and has been the guiding force for a renaissance in the new resurgent India, where he has also figured in the Gunnies Book of World Record for organizing the largest Dental Health Check-up Camp in the Country. His mission of creating a healthy India has been organized entirely in the support of the clarion call given by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

He is the luminary of the 20th century, who has enlightened the entire Nation with his profound knowledge, in-depth insights evolved out of his penance and intuitive wisdom. He has blown the bugle of a new revolution in the world of faith, intelligence and wisdom, and discovered a new sphere of spiritualism through organizing the Bhaktamar Sadhna Camps. He is glorious in Peace, sharp in silence, humble in learning, specialist in simplicity and most effective in establishing a lively communication with all, which facilitates the sadhna of Bhaktamar by a common man. Poojya Upadyaya shree has dreamt to give a momentum to the “Kaamyaab” movement and bring those vegetarian students who have missed the success due to improper guidance. It is a positive effort to motivate the younger generation to achieve success, irrespective of caste, religion, faith etc.. His Holiness Acharya Shree is an immaculate example of renunciation with vigilance. Practicing meditation in the peaceful ambience at the dawn of the day was an important part of his daily life. His Holiness is a great Seer and we offer our tribar namostu in his holy feet and pray that his guidance guides us to live a purposeful life.