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Registration For 10th & 12th Students

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Registration For Government Services

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Welcome to Kaamyaab

Kaamyaab is the culmination of a multidirectional effort at helping the youth of today to become successful leaders of tomorrow. The effort stems from the idea that hardworking, vegetarian youth, who are falling short of their professional, academic and other expectations, need proper mentoring.

Excellence and Perfection

key to Success

The movement has the blessing of famous digamber Jain saint, HH Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar jee Maharaj, who is not just an ascetic, but also a visionary and a man of letters. He has also been awarded with Doctor of Literature by Garhwal University.




Guaranteed success




No failure is the key


Rajan Jain

Kaamyaab is the great idea for student like me, who can now have great mentor to guide at each step.


ये बहुत ही शानदार मेंटरशिप प्रोग्राम है, धन्यवाद


Thank you for initiating this excellence programme. I am student of LAW.

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What type of help is provided in Kaamyaab?

Do I get coaching also as a part of mentoring?

Selection Panel at Kaamyaab access the capabilities and support requirements of each registered candidates. Candidates qualifying for coaching will also be provided coaching support in addition to other supports.

Can I get financial assistance for my study/ fees etc?

Kaamyaab supports financially to needy candidates for coaching, stay etc. but we don’t give direct money to candidates in financial assistance.

Do you provide loan for my study?

We don’t provide loan from Kaamyaab but we help candidates to get loan from Banks/ Government Institutions directly to candidate.

In India, which States are covered?

We cover candidates of all the states. For the candidates from NCR, we provide training at our facilities. For candidates outside NCR, we provide sessions through Web conferencing.




(Senior Civil Servent)

The Chief Mentor

Shri Hemant Jain, a senior Civil Servant & bureaucrat, having expertise in Engineering, Economics, Geography, Finance, Law, Control Systems, Audit, Management and Accounting with national and international experience and an exposure of knowledge in global perspective shall lead the team of mentors.

Smart, suave and charismatic, Mr. Hemant Jain is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity, and clarity of thoughts. Born on August, 1972, in a highly educated family, he himself has been trained by world’s best trainers, educators and motivators. Mr. Jain by qualification is a qualified Engineer, achieved a degree in Law, Post-graduate in Economics and PTC in MBA Finance. Now a senior bureaucrat, a Civil Servant, and has a passion to guide and mentor young minds for guaranteed success.


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