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Next session scheduled on 23 Feb 2019 at Nirman Vihar, Delhi regarding Admission for registered candidates.  Kaamyaab has a systematic approach to solving the problems plaguing the young generation, who are striving hard to achieve, but are not able to do so. The basic approach is oriented towards helping young boys and girls overcome their shortcomings and achieve their objective. The system here is divided into various steps, each of which helps in satisfying a basic objective. The objectives revolve around the following:-

• Identifying potential in a niche
• Make an aim in life in light of individual strength
• Proper learning to achieve excellence, perfection, speed, capacity, capability and efficiency
• Shake off anxiety and stress and enjoy learning
• Set sail towards the goal with hard work and perseverance

To achieve these objectives, it has divided the system into various sessions which include:-

1. Bird’s eye view an introduction to the Mentorship of Kaamyaab
2. Widening of horizon to help candidates broaden their horizon of possibilities so that they are not restricted to narrow view of academics and career
3. Enlightenment of Circle of Illumination
4. Learning to gain knowledge by heart and enjoy learning. It includes learning sentences by sense, page by page and book by book. In this session candidates learn about chart preparation, revision techniques, knowledge retrieval process, proper reproduction of learnt material etc so that they can apply their mind to solve problems on the spot.
5. Candidates are encouraged to view problems in different dimensions
6. Sharpening of thought process
7. Candidates are encouraged to perform analytical and critical evaluation of progress so that they can see for themselves if they are progressing satisfactorily or not.
8. The last few sessions are oriented towards evaluating whether the candidates are prepared for Self Help or not.