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Kaamyaab is an initiative for giving a platform for capable and needy students for supporting them to become good human being and achieve their professional goals and outperform in respective fields.

Different key people involved are as follows:

Spiritual Board (with blessings from):

Acharya Shree 108 Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj

Acharya Shree 108 Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj (born 10 October 1946) is one of the best known modern Digambara Jain Acharya (philosopher monk). He is known both for his scholarship and tapasya (austerity). He is known for his long hours in meditation. While he was born in Karnataka and took diksha in Rajasthan, he generally spends much of his time in the Bundelkhand region where he is credited with having caused a revival in educational and religious activities.

Rashtra Saint, Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar ji Maharaj

Upadhyaya Shri Guptisagarji is a Digambara monk who currently has the rank of an Upadhyaya. Born in 1957, he took ailak diksha under Acharya Vidyasagar ji in 1980, Muni diksha in 1982 also under Acharya Vidyasagar. He was initiated an Upadhyaya by Acharya Vidyanand ji in 1991. He is the inspiration behind Gupti Dham Jain Mandir, Ganaur, Sonipat.

Siddhant Ratna Brahmcharini Suman Shashtri Ji

Siddhant Ratna Bal Brahmcharini Suman Shastri ji is a renowned student of Acharaya Shree 108 Vidya Sagar ji Maharaj. She is having expertise on Vedenta Shastras.
She is having deep knowledge on Sanskrit, Prakrat and Hindi Shastras. She has written many religious books. She is also publishing periodical “Gupti Sandesh” from last 25 years. She is having inclination to teach Jainism.

In addition, she is Senior Director in Guptidham Tirthchetra. Presently she is working on translation of Tatva Vichar”. In the past, she has managed number of events as advisor.

Bal Brahmcharini Ranjna Shastri ji 

Bal Brahmcharini Ranjna Shastri ji joined Acharaya Shree 108 Vidya Sagar ji Maharaj Sangh in 1983 at Isri Bazar, Bihar. She has great belief and faith in religious activities. She motivates the followers to follow religious path. In past, she has been involved in number of events as advisor.


Justice Vijender Jain, Chairman, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

Justice Vijender Jain, Chairman, Human Rights Commission,
Government of Haryana and Uttarakhand. Former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court.



Shri Suresh Chandra Jain, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

President, Jain Teerth, Nainagiri (Chhatarpur) M.P.
M.D., Vidyasagar Institute of Management, Bhopal
Former IAS Officer (1983), Government of Madhya Pradesh
Former Chairman, SEAC, GOI, Ministry of Environment and Forest



Shri Hemant Jain, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

Shri Hemant Jain, a senior Civil Servant & bureaucrat, having expertise in Engineering, Economics, Geography, Finance, Law, Control Systems, Audit, Management and Accounting with national and international experience andan exposure of knowledge in global perspective shall lead the team of mentors.

Smart, suave and charismatic, Mr. Hemant Jain is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity, and clarity of thoughts.



Justice Vimla Jain, Member, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

Justice Vimla Jain, Former Judge, High Court of Madhya Pradesh.

She had special privilege of being first Judge amongst Jain women of India. She co-authored with her husband Environmental Laws in India, M.P. Town Development Laws Manual and M.P. Educational Laws Manual. The Environmental Laws in India has been foreworded by Dr. Nagendra Singh, President, International Court of Justice, The Hague (Holland). She published a number of articles in different periodicals. She visited a number of educational institutions and religious places of the world. 


Shri V. K. Jain, Member, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

Shri V. K. Jain Former adviser to Delhi Chief Minister, and now full-time lawyer 


Prof D. S. Chauhan, Member, Board of Governors, Kaamyaab

Prof. D S Chauhan, Former President, Association of Indian Universities (2016-17), born on 18th September, 1949 at Dholpur (Rajasthan), was Vice-Chancellor, U.P. Technical University (2000-06), Lovely Professional University (2006-07), Jaypee University of Information Technology (2007-09), Uttarakhand Technical University (2009-13), and Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities(2013-14) and presently Vice-Chancellor, GLA University, Mathura and Chairman, BOAT(NR), Kanpur had his post doctoral work at Goddard Space Flight Centre, Greenbelt Maryland, USA and B.Tech. (1972) IIT. B.H.U., M.Tech (1978) N.I.T., Tiruchirapalli, and Ph.D (1986) IIT, Delhi. He has served at Banaras Hindu University since 1979 till April, 2013 began as Assistant Professor then Associate Professor and the Professor. He has served Director, KNIT (State Govt. Engg. College), Sultanpur (1999-2000). He was Member of AICTE (2001-04) and member, University Grants Commission (2006-09). Lead delegation NAFSA 2009 Indian team to USA. Besides many other contributions, the social service was his mission throughout his life and engaged in upliftment of tribal education specifically, 25 years. He has been admired for his number of contributions in society. Best Engineer Award by Institution of Engineers, Lucknow (2001). He has produced 41 Ph.D. and 2 D.Sc. and published 267 research papers in International and National Journals and Conferences. He was Chairman, Advisory Committee (UGC nominee) of 4 Deemed Medical Universities and Member Board of Governors, Doon School. Jointly, authored 5 books, published 100 popular articles in different magazines and news papers. He was member of IIT/NIT Council. Member, Search Committee of Vice-Chancellor selections for number of universities of various states. Member, IEEE, FIE (Institution of Engineers, India), Life Member, ISTE, Member ACM, Member SIAM, Academic of International Bodies.


Board of Advisors

Shri Sachin Jain, IRS – Chairman

Shri Arpit Jain, IPS                                                                           

Smt Anshu Singhla Jain, IPS                                                         

Shri Vasalaya Kumar, IAS                                                              

Dr Tanu Jain, IAS              

Shri Gaurav Bharik, IRS                                                  

Shri Amit Jain, IRS                                                                           

Shri Nikhil Jain  

Shri Rakesh K Jain – Member Secretary

Shri Guptisagar Vidyapeeth Charitable Society (Regd.) – Executive Committee

1. Shri Pawan Jain, President

Mr P.K. Jain is an alumnus of Delhi University. He is an established industrialist, exporter and importer, with an industry experience of over 35 years.

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Maruti Techno Rubber Pvt Ltd, Maruti Rub Plast Pvt Ltd and five other companies and also the President of Gupti Sagar Vidhya Peeth and trusty of Gupti Dham.
Now through, Kaamyaab, he aims to bridge the gap in education system.

 For the past few decades, Mr P. K. Jain has been actively involved in social and religious activities.

2. Shri Deepak Jain, General Secretary

Deepak Jain is the General Secretary of Shri Gupti Sagar Vidyapeeth Charitable Society and also managing Kaamyaab as General Secretary. He is also General Secretary of Preet Vihar Jain Samaj.

He has committed himself for social and religious projects under guidance from Upadhaya Shri 108 Guptisagarji Maharaj.

Deepak is involved in number of social and religious activities and commits it significant time for these activities.  By Profession, he is a successful Businessman in field of digital signage and printing. 

He has done Graduation from Delhi University.

3. Shri Virendra Kumar Jain ‘Soni’

  1. Executive Members
  2. Zivender Singh
  3. Kapil Jain
  4. Arun Jain
  5. Raj Kumar Jain
  6. Sunil Jain
  7. Pawan Godha
  8. Piyush Jain
  9. Vikas Ji
  10. Vidyasagar Jain