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Kaamyaab is all about serving; a push in the right direction, an emerging movement for preparing the youths to meet tomorrow’s challenges, which aims at sharpening the talent and ability within those young and committed boys and girls, who follow vegetarianism by conviction and are missing their goals due to certain shortcomings, very specifically due to lack of right approach and strategy. We are keen to focus on emerging ways of working to surface the hidden abilities and skills with the aim to strengthen the voices of the youth by raising their standards of performance thereby creating and shaping the leaders of tomorrow who in turn will transform India as the value-added Nation-the developed and strong India.

In order to achieve guaranteed success of the passionate and forward-looking youth, we at Kaamyaab shall rightly identify, groom, guide, mentor and make them to contribute in the areas that best suits their individual skills, be it education, sports or any other field. The interventions have been proposed for those who are hardworking, laborious, determined and can devote around 12-18 hours a day and in spite of their best efforts have failed to achieve high scores & success. This new initiative aims at catalyzing the human development activities by providing encouragement, insight, and counseling to the protege for career development. It has been envisaged to strengthen the processes essential for the informal transmission of knowledge, creation of social capital and the psychosocial support to the young aspirants, who have although aspired but could’nt achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions to shape their career or achieve their professional development. Mentoring at Kaamyaab is more of an emancipator; freeing the young aspirants from poor technique, clouded vision and personal uncertainty and making them able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each and to help them navigate a successful course to their destination.

Divine Blessings: Movement Motivation

The Rashtra Jain Saint Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar ji Maharaj, who has inspired his disciples to energize the “movement motivation” envisages to not only carry the seeds of greatness within the young boys and girls, who have just missed the bus of success but also to ensure that they sprout by giving them the opportunity to create themselves a fresh. Pujya Gurudev has directed to effectuate those interventions which can inspire the youth to dream more, learn more, do more, become more and make them a successful leader by involving the appropriate strategies.

The Interventions: key to Success Excellence and Perfection

  • Strategy
  • Technique
  • Methodology
  • Guaranteed success
  • Excellence
  • Perfection
  • Success
  • No failure is the key

Strategies: A synthesis of various approaches

Cutting edge is to be created nourished and maintained. The belief has to be developed that there is NO Short Cut to Success; further it is not desired also. One should be the creator of his/her own destiny and the belief should be firm that nobody can take away the BHAGYA; but process of learning, understanding, revising, retrieving and purposeful reading have to be focused. Following strategies shall be invoked by the Kaamyaab Team:

  • Bird’s eye view
  • widening of horizon
  • 10degree to 360degree
  • Enlightenment of Circle of Illumination
  • Word by word learning
  • Once understood is for life long
  • Sentence by sense
  • Page by page
  • Book by book
  • Notes
  • Chart preparation
  • Revision techniques
  • Retrieving process
  • Reproducing the already learnt material
  • Applying the mind on the spot problem
  • Segregation and classifying the same classification
  • Focussing on the crux
  • Question paper
  • Multi-pronged strategy to view the same problem in different dimensions
  • Orientation of various points of view
  • Sharpening the thought process
  • Analytical examination
  • Quality Learning material
  • Analytical and critical evaluation for correct solutions
  • Preparedness for Self Help

We believe that the era of rote learning based on the notes supplied to students by the professional coaching shops, which has neither a beginning, nor an end and is a summary of a summary of a summary….. with little application of mind in developing and creating potentials. It is a process of Rote Technique for achieving one-time success. We shall mentor for making the mentees feel a real-life experience with joy and without stress & anxiety and any pressure and enable them to develop their own model of excellence.

Kaamyaab shall provide a holistic approach to all other academic interventions aimed helping a student and also help them to achieve the ability to withstand and rebound from disruptive life challenges. Join the movement and get the desired success.