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The mentorship program offered by Kaamyaab is not one of these run-of-the-mill programmes that effuse an aura of sublime efficacy, but end up as an intimidating and stressful period of crammed sessions. Here at Kaamyaab the motivation for mentorship is not to inculcate new potentials in young boys and girls, but to bring out their inner potential and sharpen it to achieve their objective in life. In fact, the most basic objective of Kaamyaab is to identify the skills of individual boys and girls.

It is only after recognizing the hidden potential of candidates that the mentors try to sharpen the skills of mentees in whichever direction they have the potential to excel. This implies that from the very beginning the candidates can avoid the stress of learning completely new and alien subjects which they are not comfortable with.

Nevertheless, young boys and girls need to learn a lot. They need to learn how to deeply learn any subject, how to revise it, how to retain the knowledge gained and how to apply the knowledge on the spot. This is what can be a stressful experience for many candidates. However, the mentors at Kaamyaab don’t just get into deep learning all of a sudden. They hand hold the candidates through a system of mentoring which makes learning a stress free affair. This is what helps young men and women learn effectively and without any anxiety. As they can experience deep learning, they can put the knowledge to work spontaneously.
Candidates are made to broaden their horizon, bring out their true potential and harness it through various strategies. Learning, development and achievement here is stress free, enjoyable and holistic.