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Kaamyaab is a team of dedicated mentors who have devoted their lives to moulding young men and women in a way that they can fulfil their aspirations. It helps young people who, despite being vegetarian and hard working, are not able to reach their goal. Kaamyaab is the result of farsightedness of Sri Hemant Jain, a senior Civil Servant with a wealth of expertise in Economics, Engineering, Geography, Law, Finance, Audit, Control Systems, Management and Accounting. He boasts of national as well as international exposure in different fields. By dint of his knowledge, exposure and experience, he has acquired a global perspective. It is this perspective and farsightedness that has given rise to Kaamyaab.

The Problem with Young Men and Women

There are many young men and women who are not able to achieve success in life despite being industrious and vegetarian. They are lost in a maze of obstacles. What ails them can be tabulated in the following way.

• Problem with identifying latent skills
• Problem with identifying issues plaguing them
• Lack of confidence
• Anxiety about career
• Problem with learning, understanding, retention, revising and retrieval of knowledge.
• Personal insecurity
• An inclination to memorise without learning
• Poor technique of learning
• Clouded vision

Services Rendered By Kamyab

The motivated team at Kaamyaab under the tutelage of Sri Hemant Jain and with the divine blessings of famous Jain saint, HH Upadhyaya Shree 108 Guptisagar jee Maharaj, helps young men and women to remove the obstacles in their career path one by one. What it intends to do can be summarised in the following way.

• Help young men and women in identifying latent skills
• Help young men and women in identifying issues plaguing them
• Gain confidence through a systematic approach
• Make learning, development and pursuit of excellence stress free
• Develop capacities, capabilities, speed, perfection and excellence in learning, understanding, retention, retrieval and application of knowledge. This helps them gain knowledge and apply them in real life.
• Develop proper techniques of learning
• Set a goal depending on his or her skills, expertise, capacities, capabilities and speed.
• Achieve the goal through continuous and arduous pursuit of the same

The Way Forward With Kamyab

Kamyab takes into account almost all the shortcomings of learning, executing and achieving that young men and women experience. It strives to help them through a combination of mentorship and guidance through a systematically designed approach that involves the right strategy, technique and methodology. It nourishes and maintains cutting edge in all that it does. It helps young people develop a belief in themselves and also on the fact that there is no Short Cut to Success. Moreover, it helps people to come out of the false perception of Destiny and develop their own destiny. The core of the services rendered by Kamyab involves skill recognition and enrichment, learning, revising, understanding and retrieving through purposeful reading and other strategies.

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