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I want to join as mentor. What should I do for that?

Shri Hemant Jain is the Chief mentor. You may write to him at contactus@kaamyaab.net. You may be contacted for further steps.

Who are the mentors at Kamyab?

Shri Hemant Jain is the chief Mentor at Kaamyaab. You may refer to his profile on the website. Shri Hemant Jain is different senior mentor for each field.

Kaamyaab project is initiated by Jain Saint. Is there a requirement to follow Jainism to register in Kaamyaab?

Kaamyaab is open for candidates irrespective of their Caste, Creed and Sex. Anyone can register and can get benefitted with the different programs. Only one requirement is given by Guruji

What is the selection process for enrolling in Kaamyaab?

Selection process is looked after Kaamyaab Selection Panel. The selection process may include Objective Questions Examination, Interview, one to one discussion. The selection process may be different for different streams/

In India, which States are covered?

We cover candidates of all the states. For the candidates from NCR, we provide training at our facilities. For candidates outside NCR, we provide sessions through Web conferencing.

Do you provide loan for my study?

We don’t provide loan from Kaamyaab but we help candidates to get loan from Banks/ Government Institutions directly to candidate.

Can I get financial assistance for my study/ fees etc?

Kaamyaab supports financially to needy candidates for coaching, stay etc. but we don’t give direct money to candidates in financial assistance.

Do I get coaching also as a part of mentoring?

Selection Panel at Kaamyaab access the capabilities and support requirements of each registered candidates. Candidates qualifying for coaching will also be provided coaching support in addition to other supports.

What type of help is provided in Kaamyaab?

We provide all type of support (mentoring, coaching, library etc.) for the people appearing in competition. In case any other support is required by the candidate, the same can be